Docker tool for SBC

flat is a docker management solution for Single Board Computers (SBC) such as Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board. We heavily modified the Portainer to make it suitable for ARM-based SBCs. (Thanks for great work, Portainer team.)

Although docker has been ported for many different CPUs including ARM for years, many tools today are focusing on mainframe servers which almost always never allow/expose host's H/W capabilities to the containers, however, SBC is all about H/W tinkering, for example, we need SYS_RAWIO permission for GPIO access even for the simplest LED blink. flat provides all the host-to-container device mapping and Linux CAP allocation and unleashing the full capability of SBC, and this is just the beginning.. 

flat has equipped with more than 50 templates such as Kodi, LAMP stack, Kali Linux, OpenCV, TensorFlow, and etc. Those are made, shared, and maintained by experts with years of experience prepping those runtime environment so you don't have to spend your time for the same thing again and again. Instead, you can focus on your primary goal whatever that is. Or, maybe you can be a superstar creating another template for others too!

Our Mission

flat's mission is inspiring and encouraging people with various skill level to spend their effort more on their ultimate goal than wasting too much time on initial setup.