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Hana, Now Available to Buy!

posted Feb 12, 2019, 6:51 AM by Sundew Shin   [ updated Feb 12, 2019, 6:52 AM ]

What is it?

HackIoT Hana is a versatile IoT development platform for SBCs with Raspberry Pi compatible interface. Hana is not just one of the AVR board with built-in power circuit. It is the first official H/W release built for 'flat', the docker-based runtime distribution system available at: http://flat.wednus.com

Why did you make it?

I wanted to solve the problem when people get source code somewhere said-to-be working on their SBCs but cannot make it work for whatever reasons. Even there is unarguably invaluable learning experience chasing those root causes of problem, I believe it is not for everyone and wanted to deliver the literally 'running code' as their first experience.

How 'Hana' solves the problem?

Let's say, with Hana, someone created an exciting project that you interested and shared on flat. Basically, you are not just getting a copy of the source code but the code AND its running environment too. So there will be no more 'it is not working on my SBC'-problem any more. On top of that, I needed a simple and reliable IoT platform bridging the gap between any RS485 supporting equipment and their data consumers in IoT-way.

What makes it special?

In stand-alone mode, Hana functions as distributed IoT node preconditioning and forwarding the data coming from connected field equipment through RS485 and IO ports to remote partner over your choice of communication method, and there are various wired and wireless communication options we tested. e.g. XBee (Zigbee), WiFi, LoRa, and etc. When it's connected to a Raspberry Pi, it can function as IoT gateway device aggregating data from nodes and do the rest whatever you purpose it for.


Onboard Features:
  • DC Input 12~24V (30V tolerant); Can be powered from SBC (5V)
  • RS485 w/ surge and ESD protection
  • AVR (ATmega328P) - Arduino Bootloader; ADC: 6-channel
  • XBee Connection port
  • ENC28J60 Ethernet module port
  • ICSP port for Atmel Studio programming
Dev Support:


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