There are various ways of installing flat.
The suggested methods here assume fast and stable internet connectivity, however, all scripts here have designed safe to be repeated as many as you want until you succeed. All scripts, configs, and programs are offered “as-is”, without warranty, and disclaiming liability for damages resulting from using our project.

Install Script

Recommended for most users: This script is meant for quick & easy docker, docker-compose, and flat install for all docker ported SBCs. If you are not sure whether yours is one of the boards docker ported, there will be no harm to run this script. (getflat Upgrade Note)
Copy, paste, and run the below in terminal:

curl | sh

When you finally see 'All done' message, try 'docker ps' command and check the new 'flat' container is up and running. Then move to the First Login section.

Manual Install

For advanced users: For this option, first off, you should have docker and docker-compose already installed. To find out how to get them, please check your SBC's community forums and look for the docker-ce and docker-compose installation guides.
Now, you can simply download our docker-compose.yaml to your home (cd ~/), or, if you already have one, put the following code block in yours and run 'docker-compose up -d' command.

    container_name: flat
    image: flab/flat
        - flat-data:/data
        - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
        - 9000:9000
    restart: always

Or, you can execute the next curl command basically doing the same thing for you automatically. To prevent any mistakes, it will backup your existing 'docker-compose.yaml' to 'docker-compose_old_MMDDYY.yaml' and create a new one with flat configuration.

Same thing. If you see 'All done,' try 'docker ps' command and check the 'flat' container is running. If all works, move to the First Login section.

First Login

Finally, try opening the URL, http://[SBC's IP]:9000.
You will see the first login screen requiring the 'admin' user's password setup, and that's all. Happy flatting!