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Using Samba Share/Client templates

posted Apr 15, 2018, 3:13 AM by Sundew Shin   [ updated Apr 15, 2018, 4:21 AM ]

Samba Share

Sharing SBC's directory with Windows PCs cannot be easier with some flat trick.
Using 'Samba Share' (smb server) and 'Samba Client' (smb client) templates, it only takes few clicks and inputting essential data, and Windows machines will access the shared directory as soon as the container start.
Stopping sharing? Just one click that either pauses or stops the container, and that's it takes. 

Sharing Host's Directory

This is more common use for this template. Basically you are offering SBC's (uncontainerized) directory to the Windows file sharing network. For example, you can easily share '/home/pi' directory to the outside.

Now, from your Windows PC, open Windows Explorer (shortcut, window+E), and type '//' with following the SBC's hostname.
In this example the hostname is 'panel'. so I typed '//panel'
You will see the directory (folder) and contents SBC's just shared.

Sharing Container's

You can simply leave the '/samba_share' directory unbind. 
Again, It is less common use case, but in some case it can be very useful.

Samba Client

Using this template, you can mount network folders Windows machines and other samba servers shared in your network.
Please note the mount point will be created inside the new container.